Our Beers

At Woggly Square, we respect and love classic beer styles and we do OUR best to brew THE best. We also love taking creative liberties to make great beers that might not fit into any style at all.  Simply put, we strive to consistently use our brewing knowledge and the best ingredients to make delicious, fun and interesting beer. Below is a list of some of the beers we have created which we will proudly serve.

Autumn Blaze.  Seasonal Red Ale with Fall Spices.  6.0% ABV. This red ale is spiced with traditional pumpkin pie seasonings of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and allspice. This beer has a well-balanced malt profile and the warmth of the familiar spices will keep the chill off as the evenings get colder!

Bilingual Bloodfest.  Blood Orange IPA (American West Coast Style).  6.3% ABV. This deep red IPA is a hop-forward beer that has fresh blood orange and orange peel added.  This beer has a variety of hops that brings a strong hop punch to the party but remains balanced and easy to drink.

Columbus Day.  American Pale Ale. 6.3% ABV.  Original batch was brewed on Columbus Day and with Columbus hops.  The result was a clean and crisp ale with a bright and refreshing hop flavor. We use orange blossom honey which we find comes through in this beer’s amber/orange hues and in its body, aroma and flavor.

Complicated Mess.  American Porter.  7% ABV. This is beer is big in flavor and in mouthfeel which we wanted from this dark and beautiful brew.  A complex grain bill leads to an equally complex but enjoyable beer.  If you’ve been searching for that perfect beer to have with a cigar on the front porch – the search is over. Look for barrel-aged Complicated Mess also.

Derby Day.  American Brown Ale.  7.5% ABV. Deep, malty and full of flavor.  Derby Day (originally brewed on the day of the 2016 Kentucky Derby) was a recipe designed to hold up well to barrel-aging and it does just that. We also found that the beer shines on its own without barrel-aging. We plan to have both varieties available on a regular basis.

El Guapo.  Mole Stout with chocolate and chiles. 7.0%.  An American Stout style true to its character with strong bold flavors from start to finish.  The malt-forward brew hits your nose with chocolate before the beer hits your lips. It finishes with a satisfying warmth from the chiles.

Flaming Golden Hawk.  British Golden Ale.  6.1% ABV. If we have a flagship beer – this is it.  This British Golden Ale is hammered with Crystal hops which brings a lot of flavor to the party. Yet, in spite of the strong initial flavors, this beer has a very dry and clean finish making it easy to drink.

Piece of Mind.  American IPA (NEIPA).  6.2%. True to this style category, this beer is wonderfully cloudy, fruity and with little to no bitterness.  The rising popularity of this style makes sense considering the lack of bitterness (found in West Coast Styles) means you can more easily crush these beers without suffering from extreme face puckering – no one wants to see that.

Simcoe Kid – American IPA (West Coast Style). 6.5%.  This American IPA is a West-Coast style with all of its hop flavor and aroma coming from a single, ass-kicking hop variety – Mosaic. Mosaic hops are bred from two other hop varieties: Nugget and Simcoe. So, in our minds, Mosaic is the Simcoe Kid and we love its strong fruity aroma and flavor.  The hop punch tells you this beer is a serious IPA.

The Foggy Dew. Irish Stout. 5.5% ABV. Are dry Irish stouts your thing? We got you covered. This beer is black and surprisingly light in body. It has a presence of roast character, good bitterness that is characteristic of the style (but not too much) and has an exceptionally dry and clean finish.  We recommend some Irish music with this beer.  Cheers!

Viking Funeral.  Imperial IPA.  8.5%. Galaxy and Centennial hops are the star of this show. This big beer does all that a good double IPA should. It has intense hop flavor and aroma.  It has a solid malt backbone to balance out the hops.  The name says it all here – this beer is nothing to joke about!