Kickstarter Campaign Expired

Just a quick note folks – our Kickstarter campaign has expired and we did not meet our campaign funding goal. We had slow and steady growth the entire time, but it never took off like we thought it might. That is unfortunate. However, we have to say that we are not upset or discouraged at all. We received so many emotional, positive and encouraging messages from folks that we are truly humbled. We also made many meaningful contacts with those who are passionate about what we are doing. It was well worth the time and energy that we put into this campaign.

To all of you who contributed and shared, we cannot thank you enough. The fact that you chose to back our project really validates what we are trying to do with Woggly Square Brewing Co. and it means a lot to us. Your support is motivating us to push harder and make sure that Woggly Square ends up being a success story. Now … time to brew more beer!

On behalf of everyone from Woggly Square – THANK YOU!!!

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