Strategy to Battle Autism (and have fun along the way)

Okay it may be tacky to start talking business plans. But we feel it’s important to let folks know where we’re going and why.

Phase 1    Open a brewery with the support of our great friends (and great brewers) at 350 Brewing (a big SHOUT OUT to the folks at 350 for making this possible!!!).  We will brew on 350’s equipment and get our beer in bars, restaurants and stores.  We will donate 10% of net profits to autism-based research and charities. Drink people!!   We will work with local organizations to provide vocational opportunities whenever possible.  Seriously folks, we cannot thank 350 Brewing enough.  They have done more for us than we can possibly list here.  Salt of the Earth is their Gose beer (which flat out ROCKS) and it also accurately describes the character of the entire crew at 350!

Phase 2    Once the dream starts to work then we open our own stand-alone, brick and mortar brewery where we continue to donate 10% and where we can routinely have autistic adults assist us in any role possible and desirable to learn vocational skills they can use with us, with other breweries, and elsewhere. This is where things really get exciting for all involved.  More opportunity, more creativity and flat-out MORE FUN!

Phase 3    If the dream goes nuts (which we fully expect) we will expand to open multiple Woggly Square breweries in strategic locations nationally to allow the brand to grow and reach more communities. This will allow us to have an even BIGGER impact and provide even more vocational opportunities.

Phase 4    The ultimate dream here – the brewery lottery. We develop our own community (Woggly Square Village) strictly for people affected by autism with 24-hour support for those who need it and less for those who don’t. We envision having a town center in the middle of Woggly Square Village occupied by more employment, vocational and educational opportunities (i.e. silk screening to make T-shirts and hats,  a bakery,  making buttons, ABA and other therapy, and anything else conceivable that relates to our brewery and our purpose).  This is our Woggly Square Utopia and we will gladly pour our hearts into this to get there.